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Since 1950

Upon moving to the Monterey Peninsula in 1949, Leo F. Miller with his son Perry Miller started a rug and upholstery cleaning business in conjunction with their moving and storage business. A few years later they were joined in the business with the younger son, Jim Miller and proceeded to build a rug cleaning plant in the building they leased on Franklin St. in Monterey.

Who We Are

In the 1950’s, most homes had hardwood and linoleum floors, usually covered with 9 x 12 area and oriental rugs so loose rug cleaning became the major part of their cleaning business.

As wall to wall carpeting came in to fashion replacing hardwood floors, the Millers began shampoo cleaning carpets in the home. In search of a better cleaning of wall to wall carpets, steam or hot water extraction became the cleaning method of choice using heavy portable cleaning equipment. Later in the 1980’s truck mounted steam extraction cleaning machines were developed which have led to the high tech very efficient equipment used today.

Jim’s daughter, Sharon Miller owns and operates Millers Elite Cleaning and is carrying on the Miller tradition of quality cleaning services with her husband, Craig Dunn and their lead technician Ron Blanchard. Craig brings his 20+ years of owner/operator carpet cleaning in Texas and Ron has 20 years of carpet and cleaning experience with Millers.

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Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

We operate the only area rug dedicated cleaning plant located at 301 Dela Vina in Monterey. We moved into this Miller owned building in 1992 and moved the huge rug dusting machine and the Moore rug cleaning rinse and wringer machine from our former Franklin St. location. We built a new 40 pole thermostatic and humidity controlled dry room to enable proper drying of our customer’s precious oriental and area rugs. Having this specialized equipment, enables the Millers to offer the professional quality hand washing and drying with superior cleaning results that are just not possible using in home cleaning methods. Our rug cleaning process begins with a thorough dusting through our huge power duster to remove the deeply embedded grit and dirt buried deep down into the carpet fibers that ordinary vacuuming just can’t get. After testing fibers for color fastness, each rug is hand washed using specially formulated mild detergents on our wash floor paying special attention to more heavily soiled or stained areas. Each rug is then hand processed through our Moore machine for thorough rinsing and wringing in preparation for drying overnight in our drying chamber. The next day rugs are taken down from the hanging poles, inspected for cleaning results, spot cleaned as necessary, vacuumed and fringes are hand treated to restore their natural beauty. Pride in workmanship is evident and attested by many customers who rank our area rug cleaning as the best they have ever experienced.

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